About the festival

Festival Zlatý voči presents films made by audio-visual theory students. It is organised annually by the Department of Film studies at the Philosophical faculty of Charles University. Its students create an organisational structure with help from the pedagogical division of the Department.

The festival takes place regularly at the end of the summer semester in May. Its goal is to draw attention to the practical part of film theory studies and encourage discussion about the possibilities of the audio-visual medium. The festival programme consists of non-professional films made by university students who study (or studied) in one of the audio-visual departments. In the Czech Republic students from the following departments can participate: Department of Film Studies, Philosophical Faculty, Charles University in Prague; Department of film, history of film and audio-visual studies, Philosophical Faculty, Masaryk University in Brno; Department of Film Studies, Philosophical Faculty, Palacký University in Olomouc and FAMU Center for audiovisual studies in Prague. Since the last year the programme has been enhanced by the films sent by foreign students of audio-visual theory.

The festival programme unit chooses films for competition. Only films less than 20 minutes long can be accepted. The filmmakers send their work to the Department of Film Studies at FF UK. Winners are chosen by the festival jury, which consists of film professionals and specialists.

The main festival award is called Zlatý voči, with secondary awards as follows: The Eyes of Jeanne Moreau, Pink Glasses, Scratched Glasses of Kurt Kren and The Perceptual Eye of the Audience. There is only one competitive section, in which films compete for all of those five awards without any division due to theme or topic. The jury is also entitled to grant a special award in recognition of an outstanding submission. The organisers reserve the right to change the names of the awards.

In the future, the festival plans to deepen its cooperation with both Czech and foreign film departments and to encourage students to gain practical skills regarding festival organisation through their involvement. 

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